Albert Surabian

To this day, Danielle I are so very impressed with our smooth ride to purchasing our home.
Thank you for everything.


Kurt A.

I can't believe how quick and painless this whole process was!Kudos to both of you for getting it done so quickly. I'd like to say I should've gone with you a year and a half ago, but the interest rate wouldn't have been this good. Sincerely, thank you both so much...this has made a significant improvement on my families quality of life.


Ryan Winslow
Worcester, MA

I want to thank you for all you hard work, I would recommend you to every veteran that I know I feel I am the most difficult customer you could of ever of worked with. A bankruptcy chapter 7 only 13 months out of discharge, me wanting everything TODAY/NOW. You stayed in touch with me through thick and thin via text and cell phone all times of the day even on weekends. You got me a pre approval you got me an approval through my mortgage company and than we hit a whole in the road the VA denied me for not being out of chapter 7 for a full 24 months they denied me 3 times and finally with your good work you finally got me an approval and we closed 2 days later. Everyone says how long VA loans take and with all my issues I expected a long wait BUT no you had me closed within 3 weeks of my accepted offer this seems to be a record in my eyes. Kristen Walther is an amazing person to work with and I hope many veterans follow in my steps and use her and her business!

Thank you,

Ryan Winslow

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